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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

Created by Matt Parmenter

Alter Ego: Aqua
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation:
Honor League
Base of Operations:

Aqua is the last remaining member of a race of amphibious humanoids.  A long lived, nomadic race, they lived for thousands of years in Arcadia's oceans, but they slowly died off for unknown reasons leaving Aqua as the last of her kind.  Growing lonely, she did the heretofore unthinkable and began exploring the surface world.  She was very cautious in her observations, until she came across a battle between the villainous Sea King and two of Arcadia's heroes, Super Star and Knight-Owl.  Watching the heroes attempt to stop the criminal and save innocent lives while risking their own inspired her to action and she helped them defeat the villain.  In gratitude, they offered her a spot on the Honor League which she accepted.  The group became her new family and gave her a purpose to live for.

Still somewhat shy, she is very loyal and loving once she accepts you.  She strives to bring honor to her ancient race by defending the world of their birth.

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