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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

Created by Matt Parmenter

Alter Ego: N/A
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Honor League
Base of Operations: Mobile

Hern is, as near as he can figure, immortal.  Hern is a near mythical level barbarian warrior similar to the legendary Green Knight of Earth history.  Not long after Pomage seeded Arcadia, Hern joined a group of godlike heroes that ran one of the northern countries.  As the years passed, he heard of the members of the Honor League, a group of heroes who simply did good without being worshiped.  He was intrigued with the idea and investigated them.  He was suitably impressed with the group and decided to join the Honor League to defend the entire world of Arcadia.

Hern wields his ax full out, according to the level of his opposition.  Once he tests your mettle, he adjusts accordingly with only one possible outcome in his mind, his opponent's defeat.  He lives by a warrior's code of honor and will stop at nothing to defend his home world.

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