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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

Created by Matt Parmenter

Alter Ego: Jasis Aldruew
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: Gwalis Aldruew (Wife-Deceased) Rayis and Milina Aldruew (Parents)
Group Affiliation: Honor League
Base of Operations: Mobile

On Arcadia, owls are the dominant species of fowl, extremely plentiful and with many varied breeds. As a youngster, Jasis discovered he had heightened senses and speed compared to a normal Arcadian. He was very quick, smart, and inventive as well. During his late teens, his neighborhood began to decline and criminals began taking over. He kept owls on the roof of the building he lived in and was struck by the fact that they fed on rodents which kept the vermin under control in his building and on his block. He became inspired to become like an owl to clean up the vermin that preyed on his friends and family and donned a costume to hide his identity. His alter ego was called Owl Lad and he became very well respected and feared by evildoers in his home town. He continued in that role as he grew up and married. Then, the T.E.C. Empire invaded and his home was in their path of destruction. Despite his best efforts, his home was destroyed and his wife perished inside. Owl Lad contacted Super Star and suggested that they form a team to defend Arcadia with strength in numbers to combat the invasion forces. Upgrading his uniform and equipment to handle the greater threat led him to build a suit of armor and he took the new codename of Knight-Owl.

Initially a light hearted, quick with a clever quip hero in his younger days, the death of his wife and the much greater threat of the T.E.C. invasion has turned him much more serious. He takes little pleasure in what he must do.

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