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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

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Created by Matt Parmenter

Red Lens
Alter Ego:
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Honor League
Base of Operations: Mobile

One of the ways that the T.E.C. Empire likes to demonstrate it's superiority over other worlds is to send out a champion of the Empire to challenge the champion of a non-allied planet and humiliate him as a prelude to offering the planet terms of surrender/assimilation.  One of T.E.C.'s champions was a woman named Red Lens who could create force fields seemingly from thin air and manipulate them for an amazing variety of effects.  She went to Arcadia and battled the hero known as the Monolith and swiftly defeated him.  One of the spectators was a monk named Ty who was fascinated by the fact that she seemed to will her force fields in to being.  So, he focused his substantial mental ability on trying to wrestle control of whatever she used to create the projections from her.  Seeing no other way to defeat her and desperate to keep the Empire at bay, he challenged her.  She thought he intended to battle her as a simple monk and she started out by simply toying with him.  He took that opportunity to surprise her by turning her own power back against her.  Her will was no match for his and he simply stole her power away for himself.  The powerless former Red Lens was turned over to the authorities while Ty took her name and became a force for good, defending Arcadia against The Empire.

Ty lived as a highly disciplined and principled monk practically from birth.  Content to travel Arcadia and seek his path, he found his enlightenment and his destiny as a defender of his homeworld.

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