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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

Created by Matt Parmenter

Super Star
Alter Ego: Mazerine Hent / Zarrda T.E.C.
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: Anais & Donat Hent Adopted Parents / Mikayla & Breton T.E.C Biological Parents
Group Affiliation: Honor League
Base of Operations: Mobile

On some worlds in the T.E.C. Empire, it is considered to be the highest of honors to be considered as a potential host body for T.E.C.  Mikayla, the biological father of Super Star, trained every waking moment to the peak of physical perfection using any and every tool at his disposal to become T.E.C. until the day that the last host body began to burn out.  He competed in competitions and tournaments across the Empire and defeated everyone finally becoming the host for T.E.C. and his family became wealthy and received favored status.  Mikayla's wife, Breton, became pregnant and T.E.C. immediately began planning and preparing to raise the child to be his next host due to the suitability of his current host.  Breton was of the opinion that Mikayla had chosen to be a host and that her son should have the same choice, but T.E.C. was adamant.  She attempted to flee with the baby, but she was tailed and the spaceship was attacked.  They escaped in a lifepod, even though she was mortally wounded, and managed to land safely in a farming field on Arcadia where she died.  The farmers read her log book, realized who they were, and took the child to raise as their own.  Mazerine developed powers and abilities far beyond those of Arcadians due to his father and the various treatments he'd been given as a babe to prepare him as a host.  He decided to use those powers for good.  Arcadia being near the center of the T.E.C. Empire led to more and more serious overtures from the Empire to join or pay the consequences, so Super Star and the Honor League became full time resistance fighters against the attacks of T.E.C. as they defend the world against Super Star's unknowing father.

Strong willed, self-assured, and confident, his loyalty to his adopted world is his main motivation.  He is determined to protect the innocent and keep Arcadia free

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