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The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Honor League

Created by Matt Parmenter

T.E.C.ian Tracker
Alter Ego: Kemow
Occupation: Guardian of Arcadia
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Honor League
Base of Operations: Mobile

Kemow comes from the catlike race known as the Gregarions and is gifted with their racial ability of being probably the greatest trackers of all time despite terrain and even through space.  Many years ago, his people begrudgingly joined the T.E.C. Empire and generations were forced into service as guides, bounty hunters, and point men in ground battles.  Having had enough, the Gregarions contacted the Rebels and sought an alliance to free themselves of T.E.C.  Their combined efforts dealt some of the most severe blows in the history of the Empire and, in the end, most of his remaining people were free from the Empire.  In his rage, Lord T.E.C. placed a bounty on the entire race, but being great trackers had given them great insight into not being able to be found as well.  Now in a perpetual war with the Empire, Kemow was assigned to serve publicly with the Honor League while his people continued to strike in secret.

Kemow is very friendly and outgoing, but silent and deadly in battle.  His goal is to rid the universe of the T.E.C. Empire and for his people to live in peace.

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