The Keeper of Infinite Earths - Heroes of The S&S Universe

This alternate world is one where all of the pulp fiction of the 1920s and 1930s actually happened.  The name is a tribute to Smith and Street, the publishers of the Shadow and Doc Savage pulps.  The world has evil agencies and the odd mystical threat or two with all of the heroes being highly skilled or technology based 'normals'.  S&S is an organization operating in the shadows to battle savage threats to freedom and democracy that was founded by two men who had devoted their lives to fighting evil.  Even with agents placed in the arenas of power and former criminals who have seen the light working for them, they occasionally find a need for a higher profile and/or higher power response, so they approach the heroes of the day to work for them in a loosely aligned team made up of whomever is best for the job at hand.