The Keeper of Infinite Earths

Super Allies    Lightning Squad

In this reality, there was no T.E.C. Empire and no Pomage to create heroes.  It's history paralleled our own, until the Second World War.  Faced with the decision to attack Russia or Great Britain, this version of Hitler chose Russia.  He secretly made a deal with Japan and there was no Pearl Harbor attack.  Russia fell, Europe and Great Britain fell, and eventually the USA as well.  He consolidated his power before continuing his conquests and literally took over the world.  At the start of the Atomic Age, superheroes began to appear.  Many became involved in underground freedom movements and some became government sponsored enforcers.  A world once securely in the grip of Hitler and his son by their overwhelming armed forces suddenly must deal with men and women powerful enough to withstand their strength.  Could this world be free again?