The World of Pegasus
Pegasus is a world in a parallel dimension from the Prime Universe where technology is virtually nonexistent and magic rules in a perpetual age of gods and wizardry locked in a struggle of good versus evil.

Pegasus, the once great nation, after centuries of peace was fractured and in total disarray with rulers at odds with each other and their gods.  The people of Pegasus were caught in the middle of the mayhem and their once idyllic lives were now fraught with danger and unrest.  As time passed, two main factions emerged.  On one side was Ravel, the dark cleric warrior, and his minions dedicated to ruling the world at his evil whim.  On the other was his brother, Tietous, a charismatic white wizard, dedicated to uniting the peoples of Pegasus with his vision of a council made up of each group to rule their world.  After many pitched battles with Ravel, Tietous' council finally banded together, they defeated Ravel, and built a new civilization.  The unified Pegasus is a strong country, but evil still lurks in the shadows and they must remain ever vigilant to maintain their hard fought peace.


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